Why Winter is a Great Time to Banish Varicose and Spider Veins

Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, often appear as you age. Varicose veins appear discolored, twisted, or enlarged. They most commonly emerge on your legs due to the added pressure on your circulatory system in your extremities caused by movement. Women are more likely to develop varicose veins during or after a pregnancy, but anyone can find themselves with them. Nearly one in four adults in the United States will deal with varicose veins at some point in their lives. 

At DiStefano Med Spa of Chattanooga, Tennessee, we recommend therapies and treatments for varicose veins including lifestyle changes and the use of compression stockings. This winter, get a start on your varicose vein treatment while you can still hide your compression garments under other layers so you can bare your legs with pride next summer!

Developing varicose veins

As you age, the valves that control your blood flow can weaken. If blood pools in veins due to weakened valves, your veins will appear darkened or enlarged, like purplish spider webs. Varicose veins aren't just unsightly — they also increase your risk of conditions like blood clots and ulcers in your ankles.

If you're developing varicose veins, you may notice additional symptoms like achy or heavy feelings, swelling, or pain in your legs on top of cosmetic changes. At DiStefano Med Spa, our experienced care team, led by medical director Deborah DiStefano, MD, can diagnose your varicose veins and recommend the right treatment options for you. When you come in for a diagnosis, we perform a physical exam and go over your health history. We may also use an ultrasound to confirm your diagnosis and check for any serious blood clots.

Treating varicose veins

There are steps you can take to reverse varicose veins. If you've been diagnosed with varicose veins, we might recommend treatments including:

The most common advice Dr. DiStefano gives patients with varicose veins is to use compression garments. You can purchase different compression stockings with a variety of pressure levels. A 2018 study showed that using knee-high compression stockings at a pressure of 18 to 21 mmHg for just one week improved symptoms of varicose veins.

Winter is the perfect time to try compression stockings for getting rid of your varicose veins, because you're already covered up from head to toe. Your compression stockings can hide under your usual winter-season outerwear, with nobody the wiser that you're treating spider veins underneath long hems. 

To schedule your initial consultation appointment with DiStefano Med Spa and get started treating your spider veins, contact us today. Call our Chattanooga, Tennessee office, or make your appointment using the online booking tool.

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