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Solutions for Women Facing Hair Loss

Hair thinning and loss can be an embarrassing experience, but often is a deeply personal and emotional issue for women particularly. Finding a caring, safe environment with an empathetic staff is crucial.

Through her research, Dr. Deborah Distefano, an internationally-recognized physician for over 25 years, realized the lack of places for women with thinning hair to get treatment. This led Dr. Distefano to open Medi Tresse Chattanooga.

The goal at Medi Tresse is to offer women with any type of hair loss the chance to regain fuller, more luxurious hair. We work one-on-one to determine the cause, ultimate goals and level of comfort with the recommended treatments. We develop a unique treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs.

Options include platelet rich plasma treatments with 85% of patients experiencing new hair growth and hair diameter; low level laser therapy showing benefit in 95% of patients over six months; and topical products with a variety of ingredients specially formulated for hair restoration.

Medi Tresse has an all-female staff, and is the only medical center in Chattanooga solely dedicated to helping women with thinning hair in a caring, safe environment. We also interest free financing for up to 14 months for qualified applicants.

Medi Tresse Chattanooga is located at 1949 Gunbarrel Road, Suite 110, in Chattanooga. Give them a call at 423-414-2010, or visit

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