Permanent Makeup for Beautiful Brows

Are you one of the many women who struggle with thin brows because of aging, genetics, or overplucking? Or are you sick of your light-colored brows that require constant color?  If you’re tired of filling in or darkening your brows, it’s time to discover permanent eyebrow makeup!

At DiStefano Medical Spa, our team is pleased to offer permanent brow solutions to our patients in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can trust our brow experts to give you beautiful brows that don’t require daily applications of makeup to stand out. 

If you’re tired of fixing your brows each morning, read on to learn how permanent makeup can help! 

What is permanent makeup for brows?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing that enhances your features and saves you time each morning. It’s also a good alternative for our patients whose sensitive skin does not respond well to makeup. 

With permanent eyebrow makeup, our specialist inserts colored pigment directly into your skin, as with a regular tattoo. Our team is specially trained in cosmetic tattooing and carefully places the pigment under the top layer of the skin so that the color and contour you desire is achieved. 

At DiStefano Medical Spa, we also offer brow tinting, a long-lasting and affordable way to add definition to your brows. Unlike permanent makeup, which inserts pigment in the skin, brow tinting uses a dye or tint to help you achieve the beautiful brows you desire.

Our team can also help you decide if other permanent makeup solutions, like lip tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, and more, could be the right solution for you! 

Do permanent brow treatments hurt?

The answer depends on which treatment you select. Brow tinting is a painless procedure that can be completed on your lunch break. Cosmetic tattooing, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable depending on your tolerance.

At DiStefano Medical Spa, we recommend applying a topical numbing cream or ice packs to your brows before you come in for your treatment. During your permanent makeup application, we do everything possible to keep you comfortable. You may experience some stinging when the pigment is inserted. 

How long will my brow treatment last?

How long your brow treatment lasts depends on which treatment you select. Permanent makeup sometimes requires a touch-up session to ensure optimal results. Once you’re satisfied with the results, your permanent brows can last for up to five years.

Brow tinting, on the other hand, offers long-lasting results compared to regular makeup, but not the same longevity as cosmetic tattooing. It typically takes 30 minutes or less to apply the tint, and your results should last three to four weeks.   

If you’re ready for permanently beautiful brows, contact the team at DiStefano Medical Spa, or book an appointment online now!

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