BOTOX And Beyond: Your Options With Injectables

DiStefano Medical Spa is your official source for authentic Botox treatments. For many patients, BOTOX offers an excellent solution to reducing wrinkles and lines. But there are many other options that we offer with injectables.

Injectable technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years, and different products can be used to “specialize” in addressing a particular appearance issue. Depending on what outcome you’d like, we can select an injectable option that targets the issue and produces optimum results. We can even combine products with our fill and finish approaches for even better outcomes.

Among the injectables we offer are:

Radiesse, a non-toxic, non-allergenic filler that immediately reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds around the mouth and nose.

Sculptra Aesthetic, a new type of facial injectable made from polylactic acid which helps to replace lost collagen. It can correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that appear with aging.

Juvederm, a gel implant that will give skin a smooth and supple appearance with its active ingredient of hyaluronic acid.

Perlane, an injectable cosmetic dermal filler that has been used to soften wrinkles and facial lines. It is also a popular filler for lip augmentation, facial depressions, and facial scarring.

You can see our spectrum of injectables on our website, with details on each.

Want a more youthful appearance? DisStefano Medical Spa can show you how injectables and other treatments can provide you with a fresh, younger look, often faster and more affordably than you might think. Click here to contact us for an appointment, or call us at (423) 664-4494.

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