Why DiStefano Skin Solutions?

There are many ways that DiStefano Skin Solutions is unique. Here are our Top 10:

1. We are a medical spa

We are a medical spa with highly qualified, medically trained staff. Dr. DiStefano and our nurse practitioner, Deborah Gray, have advanced training in fillers and other procedures requiring a medically-trained person to administer. All our staff is licensed with years of experience.

2.  Free consultation

We encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation before we provide any services. We understand the importance of finding out what your skin goals are and then customizing a plan to achieve your goals. We’ll tell you how much it costs and what treatments you will need before we begin.

3. Convenient scheduling

W e’ve adjusted our hours to accommodate our clients’ needs. We are open on Satur­days by appointment, and later in the evenings during the week.

4. Dr. Distefano

Dr. Distefano is the areas only Harvard trained Ophthalmologist. Who better to give under eye injections of Restylan?

5. Extensive training

In fact, Dr. DiStefano is one of the few physicians trained and able to give facial injections of Sculptra.

6. Pain free

Laser hair removal doesn’t have to hurt! We numb the area to be treated with a topical anesthetic crème and also use the Zimmer Chilling System, a personal air conditioning system which helps to numb the treatment area and counteract the heating sensation of the laser. Before you leave, we apply a protective lotion and sunscreen. Your comfort is our top priority!

7. More choices

Your treatment options are much greater at our spa. We will inform you about all the procedures that are available to reach your goals. For example, we have many different levels of chemical peels including physician grade deep peels.

8. Scientific proceedures

Our medically-trained staff chooses the right fillers for your goals and always mixes the solutions according to recommended protocols so they will be effective as long as possible.

9. Trustworthy

Our approach is educational and consultative, directed at achieving your personal goals. We do not push certain procedures or try to sell you additional products or services that do not complement your treatment plan.

10. Respect

We respect you as a person and will always do what we believe is in your best interest based on your goals. Everyone deserves beautiful skin and we can help you achieve your best results.


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