We’re proud to unveil our new website, which is more user-friendly and explains many of the new services we offer. We welcome your input and ideas on how we can make things better.

When you first visit our new site, take a look at two important new additions: Profound RF and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Loss Therapy. These are exciting new therapies that promise to help many of our patients.

Profound RF is especially important for restoring youthful skin. This technology has the ability to stimulate the production of the three key elements necessary for revitalizing skin: production of collagen, elastin, and Hyaluronic acid in the treated area. No other technology can do this, and the results can be dramatic.

PRP Hair Loss Therapy is the most exciting new advancement in the treatment of women’s hair loss.  PRP has been found to improve hair health and regrow hair.  PRP can be effective in the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss), Alopecia Areata, and Traction Alopecia.

In the coming months, we’ll begin offering educational seminars that further explain these therapies and their benefits. Be sure to watch our website and our Facebook page for more details.