Laser Vein Therapy

The CoolGlide Laser treats a broad range of unsightly blood vessels quickly, safely and effectively. Patients with dark, light or tanned skin can experience outstanding results with minimal bruising or blistering. The CoolGlide laser can remove unsightly veins from all parts of the body.

Our vascular Coolglide Laser systems deliver pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow will then be redirected to veins deeper below your skin’s surface – where it should be.

Small, facial veins can be treated quickly without bruising or complication. Spider veins and large blue leg veins can also be treated with excellent results. Knotty varicose veins are not good candidates. A careful evaluation with your DiStefano Medical Spa skin care specialist or physician will help you determine which vessels can be treated and the best course of treatment.


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